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What is Global Warming Definition?

This article has written to the people who want to learn about the results of global warming definition , wich has appeared after the global nature of the world distrupted.

First of all I want to mention about what the global warming is.

Global Warming Definition

After the results of green house effects, It is the name given to the increase in average temperatures measured in the land, sea and air throughout the year.
The gasses that causing global warming in the world are, %36-70 water vapor, %9-26 carbon dioxide, %4-9 Methane and %3-7 Ozone.

Effects of Greenhouse: The world is warming with the sun rays reflecting from the earth rather than the sun rays falling on it. Those reflected rays kept by the gasses in atmosphere, so the world gets warmer. This is called the greenhouse effect.

Greenhouse Effect

Global warming definition Reasons

How Can We Prevent Global Warming?

So we describe what the global warming definition is shortly. Now let’s take a look to the responsibilities th.

1- We Have to Turn off Electornic Equipments
We must turn off our mobile phone, tablet, computer, television or any electronic device that may come to mind, if we aren’t using.

2- Thermal Insulation is More Important Than You Thought
A thermal insulation in your home,will save half of the energy. Uninsulated buildings, will lose most of the energy; it won’t only pollute the environment, it will affect our wallet too. The thermal insulation will make profit in long term.

3- We Have to Use Solar Energy
The solar energy using in our daily life, can be more useful both for the health of the world and for the health of your wallet. With the solar energy, you can meet the needings of yours like hot water etc.

4- Learn How To Cook And Eat At Home
Cooking and eating at home, will contribute the solution of global warming problem.

5- Consume Less And Recycle
Reduce the using of substances such as plastic etc. The products you buy, musn’t be overpackaged. If It’s possible, try not to buy things that are harmful to environment. Reuse things like existing plastic shopping bags.

Global Warming

Results Of Global Warming
The reasons that we’ve tried to mention up there causes global warming, okay, but global warming also causes serious “vital” problems.

We are experiencing global warming’s results and affects not by hearing them, but by living them.

Glaciers are melting, The rains are raining far away from the rain instead of light. The increase in torrential rains causes rises in the water level of the seas.

And those rises cause storm and flood damage increase. The increase in the amount of evaporation brings drought. I think that there are enough examples to explain that global warming with worse consequences is a problem for us.

And this is the end of our article. We’ve tried to mention what global warming is, the reasons and results of it. For more information, subscribe to our website and follow us. See you in the next article.


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