global warming

What is Global Warming Effects?

Global Warming Effects?

This article has written to the people who want to learn about the results, Effects and causes of global warming , wich has appeared after the global nature of the world distrupted.Greenhouse gasses

Before our writing we decided to mention about What is Global Warming In Simple Words ?

Global Warming Definition

After the results of green house effects, It is the name given to the increase in average temperatures measured in the land, sea and air throughout the year.

The gasses that causing global warming in the world are, %36-70 water vapor, %9-26 carbon dioxide, %4-9 Methane and %3-7 Ozone.

What is Global Warming Effects

The effects of the global warming on the World, which is getting our world unlivable day by day, enabling animals to become extinct and the biggest problem of the humans:

The rise in air temperatures, the rise in carbon dioxide, the melting of the glaciers, the rise of storms, drought and increased desertification process that there are climate changes as everyonw will agree.

With the completion of the Industrial Age, scientists found an increase in temperatures due to the increase of fossil fuels and the increase in other greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere an increase in temperatures, the melting of the glaciers, and many meteorological and hydrological anomalies

Effects Of The Global Warming in Daily Life

Global Warming

One of the consequences of climate change due to global warming is it makes food production difficult. In various places, precipitation rate rises and in some regions drought is increasing.

For scientists’ estimates, the water which is used for irrigation can be reduced because of increasing drought. Except that global warming maybe the cause of storms and floods which is damage to the food crops.

Water, which is the source of life of people, is at risk due to global warming. Climate changes are estimated to cause major changes in precipitatio.

Some regions will see increase in precipitation, but the other regions unfortunately drought will begin. this drought will reduce people’s water consumption while increasing prices in some areas?
The Increase Is On the Dangerous Level
We can see, the increase or decrease of violence in weather events as the effects of climate change caused by global warming. You can estimate the effects of this aggravation on the environment. It can damage homes, city infrastructures and the economy at a high level.

Global warming has more harms, it’s harming our natural beauties. For Example: Many natural beauties are getting threatened such as coral leefs, Amazon rainforests, Mount Everest or Oludeniz. We are losing them.

According to scientific explanations; climate changes, have a big impact on weather events. Unnatural events are increasing Such as Temperature Waves, big storms and heavy rains.

It is determined by observers and scientists. While those issues exist, we recommend people to be careful against natural disasters and take out insurance if its possible.

The energy used today increases the release of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere.

As a result of global warming-related climate changes, incidents like unbalanced temperature increases, water usability reductions, sea level risings negatively affect the ability to generate and transmit electricity from energy.

Also desertification, drought and rising temperatures to cause more people will consume energy. This may increase power cut across countries.
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