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What is Global Warming Short

Short Definition Of Global Warming

Hi! Dearly readers, welcome to our site. Today we will talk about short definition of global warming, causes, results and effects of global warming like everyday.

This article has written to the people who want to learn about the global warming definition, wich has appeared after the global nature of the world distrupted.

Global Warming Definition

It is the name given to the increase in average temperatures measured in land, sea and air over a certain period of time on Earth as a result of the estimated greenhouse effect caused by gases emitted mainly to the atmosphere. we can define global warming in this way.

What is Global Warming Short

Effects of Global Warming on the Animals

Firstly, number of scientific studies examining the effects of global warming on living things are increasing. In a study it is observed that when water temperature increases, reproductive and embryo development disorders occur in aquatic organisms. With the rise of heat, the eggs divide abnormally, the embryos deteriorate, resulting in death.

In 2003, 70.000 people in Europe and just 15.000 people in France died due to hot weather conditions.
According to scientists, watet and agricultural products will decrease and famine will begin as a result of global warming. As a result, people’s nutritional problems will increase and diseases will appear. As a result, deaths will increase.

How Can We Prevent The Global Warming?

To prevent global warming, we have to first inform our environment against this situation. Informing people around us about the items I will list below may be a factor in saving our world.

Planting trees and growing plants this is one of the most important factors against global warming.
Turn off your phones, computers, and electronic items such as these when you are not using them. This saves energy and benefits the nature.

When shopping, take advantage of local shops, malls and markets. Use the local items and traveling for shopping increases greenhouse gases, don’t forget it.
Travel less and shorter distances unless you have to. Avoid traveling with vehicles that use high levels of fossil fuel, such as airplanes.You can make a big difference by not getting into your vehicle; Walk distances of up to 5 kilometers around your home.

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