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What is Global Warming?

Hi! Dear readers, welcome to our site. Today we will talk about global warming definition, causes, results and effects of global warming like everyday.

This article has written to the people who want to learn about the global warming definition, wich has appeared after the global nature of the world distrupted.

Firstly, What is Global Warming Definition?

After the results of green house effects, It is the name given to the increase in average temperatures measured in the land, sea and air throughout the year.

The gasses that causing global warming in the world are, %36-70 water vapor, %9-26 carbon dioxide, %4-9 Methane and %3-7 Ozone.

What is Global Warming

Global Warming and Air-Climate Relationship

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has chosen the topic ‘Air, Climate and Health’ for the 1999 World Meteorology Day, emphasizing the impact of weather and climate on human health.Weather and climate are the main service area of all national meteorological organizations and its focus is on human, its activities, welfare and health.

Weather and climate affect human activities, human welfare and health in many different ways. In fact, climate is the resource that meets the needs of human life.

For centuries, mankind has organized their shelters, food and energy production to create a lifestyle that is generally compatible with climate and environmental conditions and adapted itself to this resource.

Climatic Variability Should Be Considered!

Climatic variability and possible changes in climate play an important role in changes in epidemic conditions and disease-causing formations.

Also, in recent years in many parts of the world and the natural disasters occurred in Turkey, there are negative and destructive effects on ecosystems and human life and activities.Considering these, it can be easily understood how appropriate choice was made for 1999.

ln line with these works, it is aimed to give some important points related to weather, climate, severe weather events and climate change and their impacts within the scope of popular science, which are often confused. What is desired is not to reveal known climatological information; to enable people to look at the subject from different angles and to think differently.

What The World is Doing to Prevent Global Warming?

The world’s foremost leaders came together at the climate summit at the Marrakech. This issue constantly pressures us and comes to the force. But why is this subject constantly comes to the agenda? Because problem’s destructive effects are still going on.

Heavy rains, floods, severe drought make permanent damage to nature, human health and the economy. Scientists state that our global problem is under human influence and fossil fuels have greenhouse gas effects.

Nick Mabey: The main problem is, America’s slow action on this issue will affect other world countries…. For this reason, we must overcome political obstacles on climate.

Donald Trump, the president of the United States, says that the Earth has cooled and reheated, leaving behind a long history. That’s right, but look here:

With the global warming recently, the Earth’s climate has increased 0.7 degrees. Scientists predict that this figure will be between 2 and 6 at the end of the 21st century

So what is Europe doing to stop global warming?

The European Union has ratified the Paris treaty, which aims to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, but will cut greenhouse gases by 2020. So what do other European countries think about this?

We went to Bosnia to learn it.We examined, this coal power plants causing Smothering local people with smoke and sometimes killing them. There are 12 like this coal power plant in the Balkans and They plan to build 17 coal plants by 2030. European Union candidate Bosnia has to make these legal arrangements. This and many other works have been signed, but for now it’s not enough.

And this is the end of our article. We’ve tried to mention what global warming is, the reasons and results of it. For more information, subscribe to our website and follow us. See you in the next article.


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